How to Schedule a Mail in Yahoo : Yahoo Mail Users Guide

In the present time, a new kind of email feature is a trending name sending schedule mail. This new feature is highly in use because people have lots of works to do and due to this issue people sometimes forget to send emails on time, frameless effective texts due to a shortage of time Or sometimes user face some sort of difficultly in managing their mail schedule with the different time zones.

Hence, the schedule mail feature acts as a boon to such users. This helps the user to cope up with all those situations. With schedule mail feature you can compose your mail whenever you get the time and pre-set your desired sending time and the message will be reached to desired recipients at the scheduled time.

Almost every mail service like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Anmelden mail, and so many well-known names provides this service to the users free of cost.

Yahoo mail is well known and most used mail service lacks behind in providing schedule mail features to its users. If you are a Yahoo mail user then you are required to take the help of third party applications. Till 2019 boomerang was used to send schedule mails, but due to some reason, this stopped working with Yahoo mail. In the present time, another third party application is used known as is like a boomerang. It helps you in sending the scheduled message. The service is free up to 10 emails per month and above that limit, you need to buy plans according to your requirements.

Before jumping to Scheduling mail in yahoo, first, register yourself with

Steps for registration with :

The process of registering with is very easy. We are providing you steps below.

  • I) Open the URL of in your web browser.
  • II) Click on the register option.
  • III) A registration form will appear before you.
  • Fill the following details in this form.
  • ● Name
  • ● Email Address (Always registered with that mail id by which you are planning to send schedule mail.)
  • Password  (It doesn’t require a combination of alphabets Or numbers.)
  • Confirm your password.
  • IV) Now, you will see a small square box to mark your consent with the terms and conditions of
  • V) Hit on the signup option.
  • VI) Now, a new window will appear before you.
    Here, you will see a word account (in blue color) click on it to verify your email account.

And, with this step, your registration process ends.

Steps to schedule your mail :

Now you can easily send your schedule message.

  • -Here, you will see an email dashboard, choose the option of composing to form your email.
  • – After selecting a commit option, you will see.

The list of emails that appeared with the schedule attribute.

It is quite disappointing that yahoo and spite of a well-known name lacks behind in providing you the facility of schedule mail. But, with the help of a third party, you can easily schedule your emails easily.