How to use GMX’s email scheduling for specific hours

Email scheduling is a great way to stay on top of your email communications. By scheduling emails in advance, you can ensure that your messages are sent at the most opportune time for your recipients. GMX’s email scheduling feature makes it easy to schedule emails for specific hours. Simply compose your message as usual, then click the “Schedule” button in the composition window. In the pop-up window, select the date and time you’d like your message to be sent, then click “OK.” Your message will be delivered at the specified time.

How to use GMX's email scheduling for specific hours

How to schedule an email in GMX

Scheduling an email in login is easy and can be done in a few steps. First, create a new email and click on the “Schedule” button. This will open a new window where you can select the date and time you want your email to be sent. Once you have selected the date and time, click on the “Schedule” button to confirm. Your email will now be scheduled and will be sent at the specified date and time.

What are the benefits of email scheduling?

Email scheduling is a great way to make sure you are only sending emails during specific hours. This can be useful if you want to make sure your emails are not sent during work hours, or if you want to make sure they are only sent during certain days of the week. With email scheduling, you can also set how often you want your emails to be sent, so you can control how many people see them each day.

How to make the most of email scheduling

Email scheduling can help you take control of your inbox and avoid the constant checking for new messages. By scheduling emails to be sent at specific times, you can better manage your time and keep your inbox organized. Here are some tips on how to make the most of email scheduling:

  • Schedule emails to be sent when you know you’ll have time to respond. If you’re constantly checking your email for new messages, it can be difficult to find time to respond to them all. By scheduling emails to be sent during specific times, you can be sure to have time to respond.
  • Use email scheduling to keep your inbox organized. By scheduling emails ahead of time, you can ensure that your inbox is always up-to-date and organized. This can be a great way to keep track of important conversations and make sure you don’t miss anything important.
  • Avoid sending too many scheduled emails at once. If you schedule too many emails to be sent at once, it can overwhelm your recipients and make it difficult for them to keep track of everything. Try to limit the number of scheduled emails you send in a day so that your recipients can easily keep track of them all.


GMX’s email scheduling feature is a great way to manage your emails and make sure that important messages are sent out at the right times. With this useful tool, you can easily input specific dates and times for emails to be sent out so it fits in with your busy schedule. We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to use GMX’s email scheduling, so that you can stay organized and on top of all your communication needs!

Guide to switching your email address to Outlook is a service that provides email hosting. Unfortunately, Microsoft is changing the way Hotmail accounts will be handled going forward by switching them over to Outlook Mail. In this blog article, you’ll learn how to switch your account from Hotmail to Outlook in just a few easy steps and even how to import your Hotmail emails into Outlook. This article will help you switch your email address to and get all the benefits that come with it, including full-featured features, calendars, rich text editing, and more.

Guide to switching your email address to Outlook

How to change your email address to Outlook

If you have a email address, you can switch to, which offers more features and is easier to navigate than Hotmail’s interface. To change your email address to, follow the instructions below: If you want to switch your email address to Outlook, follow these steps:
1. Go to the home page of
2. Click “Sign In” in the top right corner
3. Enter your username and password
4. Enter your old email address in the field provided
5. Click “Continue”
6. Follow the prompts to complete the sign-up process
7. Keep your email address while switching to a new account. You can use the same address as you always have and continue to take emails sent to your old address, or use that account to send emails from your Outlook app or

Pros and Cons of switching email addresses

For years, Microsoft’s email service has been a popular choice for Internet users. This is because of its powerful spam filtering and spam-fighting capabilities. However, over the last year, some of burning series app features have become less reliable or in some cases unavailable altogether. One of these is the contact list integration with Outlook, which has caused many people to switch back over to their old email addresses and start using Outlook again. Most of the time, when people switch their email addresses, they go to However, Microsoft has released Outlook which is a free service and offers many features that are not offered on The downside of switching to Outlook is that you lose access to your old emails and contacts, but the benefits may be worth it.

Benefits of switching email addresses

Switching your email address to Outlook is easy. You can choose a forwarding option, or use the Gmail app on your smartphone to access your new email account. Switching should be done once every 12-24 months for maximum security and performance. is no longer a free email service, so if you want to keep using it you’ll need to find an alternative email provider. You might be considering switching your email address from to Outlook or another alternative service like Gmail. Switching your email address can be simple and easy if you’re new to the process, but it’s not always straightforward. If you’re on the hunt for help, this guide will provide step-by-step instructions and tips.

What to do after changing your email address

Switching emails is easy, but you’ll need to make sure everything is switched. Make the following changes:
1. If you open the switch your email address wizard, scroll down to “Outlook” and click on it, then choose your address from the drop-down menu.
2. Confirm that you are sending emails from your desired email address by clicking on “Send Mail As.”
3.If you want to switch your email address from to Outlook, the first thing you will need to do is change your password if necessary. If you are using a self-service password reset tool such as 1Password, you should use it to automatically change your password in order to avoid any confusion later on. The next step is to update all of the other information associated with your Hotmail account.
4. After changing your email address from, the process will take a few hours to complete. You need to wait until Outlook is ready for use. After that, you can go back in and confirm the changes.
5. If you have changed your email address, you’ll need to make sure that your old email address is disabled. Once you’ve done this, it’s a good idea to test your new email address using the same phone number and checking for any errors in your inbox.

11 Out of the Box Rules for Gmail

Many of us are avid Gmail users. With over a billion people using the service, it’s no wonder. But we all have our own way of managing it and what works for one person may not work for another. Here are 11 tips to help you spice up your inbox:Box Rules for Gmail

5 Out of the Box Rules for Gmail

1) Create rules in Gmail to automatically organize emails into folders or labels that matter most to you, like “Unread Mail” or “Upcoming Events.” You can also create filters based on the sender or keywords in the subject line.

2) Use stars as flags and labels: In order to mark certain emails as important without deleting them from your inbox, use starring them with a single click! This will allow you easy access later on.

  • You can also create labels to organize your inbox and emails that match certain criteria.
  • Create a label of “Upcoming Events” for those important messages you want to keep on top of like airline tickets, hotel reservations, or event updates. You will be able to start these as well so they are highlighted in different colors.
  • Create a label for “Personal” to categorize messages from close friends or family.
  • Create a filter with keywords like “Trip” and then move all emails about trips to the Trip folder automatically!

3) Use the Snooze function: If you have an email that is important, but not urgent enough to be a high priority, use the “Snooze” function. This will allow you to easily see those messages when they are relevant again in your inbox at a later date or time.

4) Turn on “Unsubscribe” and “Filter Spam”: Many of us are bombarded with spam messages in our inboxes. You can turn this off by going to Settings >> Filters and Blocked Addresses, then adding any email address or domain that you want to be filtered out!

  • This will limit your emails to those from people who really matter.
  • You can also unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and other subscriptions by going to the “Unsubscribing” tab on Gmail >> Settings >> Automatic Filters and Blocked Addresses, then adding any email address or domain that you want to be filtered out!
  • Doing so will limit your emails to those from people who really matter.

5) Check your spelling before you hit send: This is a small thing, but will make all the difference in how professional emails come across.

  • If you are not sure about what word to use for a specific purpose or situation, try typing it into Google and seeing if any suggestions pop up!
  • Google Docs also has an automatic spell check feature that can help save you a headache.
  • This is a small thing, but will make all the difference in how professional emails come across!

6) Set up separate accounts for your work and personal emails: This will save you from having to constantly switch back and forth between different email accounts in order to manage them.

  • If you do this, it’s best practice to delete or archive the account that is not being used regularly.
  • This way, any important messages can be accessed easily on your work account if necessary.
  • This will save you from having to constantly switch back and forth between different email accounts in order to manage them! If you do this, it’s best practice to delete or archive the account that is not being used regularly. This way, any important messages can be accessed easily on your work account if necessary.

How to Schedule a Mail in Yahoo : Yahoo Mail Users Guide

In the present time, a new kind of email feature is a trending name sending schedule mail. This new feature is highly in use because people have lots of works to do and due to this issue people sometimes forget to send emails on time, frameless effective texts due to a shortage of time Or sometimes user face some sort of difficultly in managing their mail schedule with the different time zones.

Hence, the schedule mail feature acts as a boon to such users. This helps the user to cope up with all those situations. With schedule mail feature you can compose your mail whenever you get the time and pre-set your desired sending time and the message will be reached to desired recipients at the scheduled time.

Almost every mail service like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Anmelden mail, and so many well-known names provides this service to the users free of cost.

Yahoo mail is well known and most used mail service lacks behind in providing schedule mail features to its users. If you are a Yahoo mail user then you are required to take the help of third party applications. Till 2019 boomerang was used to send schedule mails, but due to some reason, this stopped working with Yahoo mail. In the present time, another third party application is used known as is like a boomerang. It helps you in sending the scheduled message. The service is free up to 10 emails per month and above that limit, you need to buy plans according to your requirements.

Before jumping to Scheduling mail in yahoo, first, register yourself with

Steps for registration with :

The process of registering with is very easy. We are providing you steps below.

  • I) Open the URL of in your web browser.
  • II) Click on the register option.
  • III) A registration form will appear before you.
  • Fill the following details in this form.
  • ● Name
  • ● Email Address (Always registered with that mail id by which you are planning to send schedule mail.)
  • Password  (It doesn’t require a combination of alphabets Or numbers.)
  • Confirm your password.
  • IV) Now, you will see a small square box to mark your consent with the terms and conditions of
  • V) Hit on the signup option.
  • VI) Now, a new window will appear before you.
    Here, you will see a word account (in blue color) click on it to verify your email account.

And, with this step, your registration process ends.

Steps to schedule your mail :

Now you can easily send your schedule message.

  • -Here, you will see an email dashboard, choose the option of composing to form your email.
  • – After selecting a commit option, you will see.

The list of emails that appeared with the schedule attribute.

It is quite disappointing that yahoo and spite of a well-known name lacks behind in providing you the facility of schedule mail. But, with the help of a third party, you can easily schedule your emails easily.